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New York Lawyers Representing Businesses and Insurance Companies

We take our obligation to our clients very seriously. That’s why we have brought together a dynamic team of experienced litigators and a deep support staff who are focused on obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients. Unlike many other law firms in this field, our partners have a very “hands-on” approach to our cases, ensuring that government agencies, business owners and insurance company representatives stay well informed and well protected. With almost 200 years of combined experience at our firm, Bamundo Zwal Schermerhorn & Caffrey, LLP is well-versed in defending vehicular accidents, premises accidents, claims of negligence against home health attendants and other liability cases, and our lawyers are dedicated to quick, cost-effective resolution for our clients.

Experienced Defense Counsel

Based in New York City, New York, Bamundo Zwal Schermerhorn & Caffrey has extensive experience defending against a wide variety of liability claims. Our partners each have more than 25 years of legal experience, while our younger attorneys generally have 10 years or more of experience practicing law. We bring this extensive experience to all phases of litigation, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and trial.

We have a reputation as aggressive and successful trial lawyers, with a proven record of success. Most of our trials have resulted in a verdict equal to or less than the last settlement offer. However, at Bamundo Zwal Schermerhorn & Caffrey, we recognize that being success in litigation and at trial is just one component of our job.

Committed to Keeping Clients Informed

In addition to our courtroom success and reputation as aggressive negotiators, the lawyers at Bamundo Zwal Schermerhorn & Caffrey recognize the importance of communication with our clients. We work hard to ensure that our clients are kept informed of all ongoing aspects of the litigation. Our lawyers and staff are committed to returning emails and phone calls promptly, and to keeping our clients informed of all developments in their case.

Cost-Effective Litigation by Experienced Trial Counsel

At Bamundo Zwal Schermerhorn & Caffrey, we use our extensive experience to keep litigation costs in check. We begin by studying each case with the goal of resolving it in a cost-conscious way. After reviewing a case, Bamundo Zwal Schermerhorn & Caffrey’s lawyers will make recommendations on the most cost-effective way to proceed. We approach each case with the goal of resolving it quickly and cost-effectively. Sometimes this involves an early settlement; other times, it means trying a case to verdict.

Our Experience Brings You Results

By bringing together a team of experienced litigators and applying a cost-conscious strategy to litigation, Bamundo Zwal Schermerhorn & Caffrey has long been a well-respected liability defense firm in New York. Judges and adversaries alike respect our achievements and reputation, which provides us with the type of credibility in the courtroom and at the negotiation table that benefits our client.

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